Inspired by Victorian decorative elements and antique French linens, our Mia + Finn patterns are minimalist yet lively and playful. The lines are easy to mix and match and pieces are sold individually, allowing you to create your own bed and table.

The prints are colorful while remaining fresh and discrete. All linens are packed in reusable cotton voile bags and pouches.

Mia + Finn founder and designer Caroline Defrance moved to Manhattan in 1999 from her native France before settling in Brooklyn. Changing apartments often as one does in New York, she applied herself to decorating each one according to her individual style and developed in the process a real affection for linens. Six neighborhoods later, she decided it was time for her to put her passion to work and turn her ideas and designs into the first Mia + Finn collection.

On a fact-finding trip to India, Caroline was enthralled by the age-old techniques and strong tradition of textile fabrication, printing, quilting and embroidery. Deciding it would be the perfect place to have Mia + Finn products made, it is there, in the heart of Rajasthan, that our linens, sleepwear and gifts are lovingly hand-crafted.